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Y4Y TA Topics


Y4Y offers free virtual technical assistance to 21st CCLC grantees in a variety of topics. These 1- to 1.5-hour sessions can be requested by 21st CCLC State Coordinators and are tailored to meet the needs of the requesting state. 


  • Designing Programming Aligned with School-Day Objectives with Y4Y

How can 21st CCLC sites design programming and activities that are engaging and interactive while incorporating school-day content? This session will explore the six core elements that support and nurture strong alignment and partnerships between schools and 21st CCLC programs. Use You for Youth (Y4Y) resources, activities and tools to increase collaboration with school staff and help 21st CCLC staff and volunteers plan and deliver out-of-school time activities or lessons that align with school-day objectives.

  • Making Literacy an Integral Part of Your Program with Y4Y

Literacy plays a critical role in gaining academic and 21st century skills. Using Y4Y resources, participants will improve their understanding of the building blocks of literacy and learn to implement literacy into program activities. Participants will take away research-based literacy strategies, activities and resources geared toward building collaboration and critical thinking skills in literacy.

  • Exploring STEM with Y4Y

STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - skills are essential for all paths of education and for success in the 21stcentury. This session will introduce examples of Y4Y activities that aim to spark curiosity about STEM topics through inquiry and investigation. Participants will collaborate around integrating STEM skill-building into out-of-school time programs, sharing STEM learning opportunities from their programs, and exploring strategies for connecting to school-day partners and community resources around STEM.

  • Developing Effective Partnerships with Y4Y

What makes a partnership effective? How do you enrich or build on existing partnerships to strengthen your program? This session will review Y4Y tools and resources designed to help out-of-school time programs develop and improve relationships with schools, community- and faith-based organizations, and other partners. Learn how to identify your needs, find partners, and create and maintain partnerships that will help you sustain your program.

  • Investing in Family Engagement with Y4Y

Engaging families in your program can be challenging but is easily worth the investment of time, energy and resources when you see the value in terms of student success. This session will explore best practices for improving and developing relationships with families. Y4Y trainers will collaborate with participants to customize Y4Y resources and tools to help create a family-friendly dynamic, solicit family input, plan engaging activities and serve family needs.

  • Implementing Project Based Learning with Y4Y

Project Based Learning is an inquiry-based approach to learning that emphasizes student voice and choice. Students pose questions and explore answers through hands-on activities. Learn how the You for Youth (Y4Y) resources can support you as you work with students to craft a driving question, facilitate an investigation, and work towards a culminating event, while building students' knowledge and 21st Century skills.

  • Building Youth-Led Civic Engagement Projects with Y4Y

Youth-led civic engagement uses project-based learning to foster opportunities for academic and civic engagement and growth. Participants will learn how to plan and implement civic engagement projects that enhance the knowledge and 21st century skills of students. Learn how Y4Y can help you design and move youth-led plans into action, and how to use evaluation and reflection tools to measure and document a project's impact on student learning and the community.

  • Empowering Youth to Actively Participate in Prevention with Y4Y

Learn how drug and alcohol use affect student achievement, explore interactive activities that are designed for grades K-12, and develop strategies for engaging families and building partnerships around prevention.  Gain strategies on how to use Y4Y resources to enhance implementation of afterschool drug and alcohol prevention programs.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Y4Y technical assistance, please email