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Citizen Science

Including citizen science into your programs can provide your students with the opportunity to collaborate with professional scientists on real-world problems by gathering and analyzing data through hands-on research. Learn how citizen science fits into out-of-school time learning, how to select citizen science activities for your students and your program, and how to prepare for and implement a citizen science project. 


Explore exciting ways to incorporate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in your 21st CCLC environment.  Learn how to build a STEM team and see examples of STEM projects in action. 

College and Career Readiness

Being ready to transition into college or career is important for student success. Explore ways to incorporate college and career readiness into your out-of-school time and summer programs. Learn how to use existing activities to build and reinforce skills, work with stakeholders to strengthen your program, tap into various funding sources, and help families become more informed.


Literacy is at the heart of building essential skills to prepare students to be successful in college, careers, and life. Explore a wide range of strategies for developing and reinforcing literacy skills in your 21st CCLC program.

Family Engagement

Constructive relationships between 21st CCLC programs and families contribute to better results for students.  Learn to forge strong links to students’ families, to involve them in 21st CCLC, and to support them in overcoming challenges. 

Strengthening Partnerships

Learn how to develop and sustain partnerships that enhance your programming. 

Aligning With The School Day

Learning during out-of-school time can boost academic engagement and achievement during the school day.  Learn about key concepts such as building a shared vision for learning, coordinating curriculum and supporting partnerships with school-day staff.

Project-Based Learning  

Project-Based Learning is a student-directed learning strategy that emphasizes active learning and allows students to explore topics that interest them.   Learn how to facilitate projects, see students collaborate to take charge of learning, and help young people make a difference in their world.  Explore each phase of the process and take project-based learning one step further with civic learning & engagement, helping students to pursue social change and participate in civic life.